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Completion of ceiling painting Assen

Today was the final day of working on the ceiling painting in the Museum church Jan van Loon in Assen.

You can read the whole story at https://www.randolphalgera.nl/muurschilderingen/muurschilderingen/ 


Teacher murals Randolph Algera has supervised Masterstudents on this special project for three years. Central to the artwork in Assen is Menno Simons, the former Frisian priest who turned away from the Catholic Church and eventually became the founder of the peace-loving Mennonites. The idea comes from the manager/resident of the church, painter and former teacher at the Classical Academy Jan van Loon. The students had first read up on the subject and studied other murals to create a design from there. To get from design to implementation, the designs were discussed and improved before they were submitted to the client. As far as Randolph is concerned, the difference with an 'ordinary' painting is mainly in the size and perspective. The contrast sometimes needs to be much greater, especially if you work at height. Two parts were already finished and the last part has now also been completed. The ceiling painting is a special design, an optical illusion: it was designed by Randolph in such a way that it appears as if the windows in the wall continue into the ceiling, creating the impression of an extra floor. The artwork can be visited in Museum Church Jan van Loon, Oranjestraat 13 in Assen.

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