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07-07-2024 - A personal wikipedia page
Since March 2024, Randolph Algera has had his own Wikipedia page, where his versatility as a restorer/conservator/color researcher and as an artist can be read clearly and documented.

30-06-2024 - Mural of Sperwerflat nears completion
The mural on the Sperwerflat is almost ready. The first large mural in Heerenveen now adorns the Greiden district.

29-06-2024 - AKKA exhibition till August 11 2024
AKKA = Alumni Artists Classical Academy. Dozens of artists exhibit their free work in Galerie Autrevue, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen. Also works by Simon Pasini, Randolph Algera, Gabriëlle Westra, Erik van de Beek and Rein Pol.

21-05-2024 - QuasiRealisten - exhibition
Exhibition QuasiRealisten May 10 till June 23 in Galerie Autrevue

11-05-2024 - Opening duo-exhibition Franeker Palanetarium/Botniastins
The exhibition was festively opened with a lecture by the director of the Planetarium and by Randolph Algera & Gabriëlle Westra.
On display in Franeker until June 15.

22-03-2024 - Start of a new mural
Started on a mega big mural on an apartment building in Heerenveen.

voltooid plafond.jpg
21-03-2024 - Completion of ceiling painting Assen
Today was the final day of working on the ceiling painting in the Museum church Jan van Loon in Assen.

Vissershuisjes in Workum - R. Algera
15-03-2024 - Opening duo-exhibition Museum Sneek
Fries Scheepvaart Museum March 15 maart- May 5 Algera & Westra duo- exhibition of Elfsteden Art.

plafondschildering in Assen
04-03-2024 - Ceiling painting church Assen almost finished
The ceiling painting in the Museum church of Jan van Loon is nearing completion.

01-02-2024 - Fries Museum - duo-exhibition Febr. 9 till March 10 2024
Randolph Algera & Gabriëlle exhibit together their art- and community project Fr11slân through the eyes of Vermeer' in the Fries Museum Leeuwarden. The project is accompanied by an artbook. See post below.

26-01-2024 - Our book at Fr11slân through the eyes of Vermeer
We made a book at the art- and community project Fr11slân through the eyes of Vermeer.With professional photo's of our paintings with stories about the cities and nominated models and a lot more.
You can order your book now. Limited edition.

07-10-2023 - International attention
Randolph Algera's work receives international attention through the four-day conference on Titus Brandsma. His paintings, also about Bolsward are for sale.

28-09-2023 - Algera completes a mural (7x2m.)
Randolph Algera completes a mural of 7 x 2 m. in Tjaarda Oranjewoud.

07-07-2023 - Algera makes a mural in Parkhotel Tjaarda
Randolph Algera gets a commission for the making of a mural of 2.75 x 7.00 m in Parkhotel Tjaarda Oranjewoud.

Gabriëlle Westra & Randolph Algera preparing a duo-exhibition in the Vermeer Center Delft. Made possible u.o. by Arcadia IIS.

02-06-2023 - Magazine DELF with cover of painting by Randolph Algera
The quarterly magazine DELF has a painting by Randolph Algera as cover. Cool!

17-04-2023 - Salon San Francisco USA
April 17-20 I'm participating the annual gathering of Salon in San Francisco, USA. Douzens of artists from all over the world meet and greet each other, to inspire and be inspired.

27-03-2023 - Mural (ceiling) Museumchurch Jan van Loon Assen
Master students of the Classical Academy make u.g.o.their teacher murals Randolph Algera, the center part of the ceiling in the Museumchurch Jan van Loon in Assen.

26-03-2023 - Board member wanted
We are looking for reinforcement of the board for the Autrevue Events Foundation. Do you love Vermeer? And do you love Friesland? Do you have expertise? Then ask yourself if this voluntary board position is something for you. Please respond via the contact form on www.autrevue-evenementen.com We look forward to hearing from you.

21-03-2023 - Lecture at the Womens Chamber
I gave a lecture about my work as a restorer and as an artist for an interested audience that is a member of the Women's Chamber in Heerenveen.

Exclusief_dineren_in_Galerie_Autrevue jpg
18-02-2023 - Exclusive dinner party
Hosting a complete evening event for a group of 30 men. Made possible by the help of Thom van der Heide a.o. (Parkhotel Tjaarda)

05-12-2022 - Stars on the canvas
Saturday Dec. 1th Gabriëlle Westra participates to 'Sterren op het doek'.
Update: She wins the tv program with her painting.

28-10-2022 - At the première of the film Grutte Pier
In Theater Sneek the first part of a trilogy film Grutte Pier (Steven de Jong films) was released. We were invited.

03-09-2022 - In the light of Vermeer - Delft
In the Oude Kerk at Delft and in the Vermeer Centre is de double exhibition of Henk Helmantel, Rein Pol and the laureates of the Prix de Norvège - Sept. 3 till Nov.12

28-08-2022 - Exhibition Autrevue in Pictura - Ayden
Randolph Algera exhibits together with Gabriëlle Westra in Galerie Pictura in Ayden (Limburg) on the exhibition 'Autrevue'.
Aug. 29 till Oct. 8

30-07-2022 - Proud to have our own flag
Randolph Algera has his own family flag with our own coat of arms.

17-02-2022 - Powergirls @ Galerie Autrevue
The Prix de Norvège 10 year anniversary with portraits of 10 year old powergirls. Randolph Algera is one of the exposers.

15-01-2022 - Exhibition Allegory - a lot of styles - Simon Pasini
ALLEGORY - exhibition with a lot of styles. Works of Randolph Algera, Simon Pasini, Elvira Dik, Rein Pol, Jan van Loon, Cindy Sprokel, Heleen Kater, Wouter Berns, Jannes Koetsier, Marein Konijn, Gabriëlle Westra, Gezien van de Riet a.o.
#paintings #sculptures #fineart

04-12-2021 - Randolph Algera with artcard in VIND nr. 44
The VIND No. 44 of 2021 (a magazine for history, archeology, art and antiques has art cards in the middle. One is of Randolph's latest painting.

29-10-2021 - Randolph Algera in Sa24
In Sa24 Renske Woudstra writes an article about Randolph Algera, Gabriëlle Westra and their new exhibition Surrealism & Steampunk in Galerie Autrevue and about the Wild Art Dinner in restaurant De Oranjetuin Oranjewoud

29-10-2021 - Nov 5 Opening - walk-in afternoon Surrealism Steampunk Absurd
The new exhibition 'Spread your wings' about Surrealism, Steampunk and Fantasy machines opens with a walk-in afternoon on 5 Nov. between 1 and 5 p.m. Do you come? We provide snacks and drinks for this awesome exhibition. (till Dec. 19th)

02-09-2021 - OPENING exhibition In the light of Jan Mankes
Friday 3 Sept. 4 p.m. is the opening of the exhibition In the light of Jan Mankes.

18-08-2021 - Randolph Algera finishes a large wall painting
After months of painting a wall painting of 12 x 3 m. it can be applied to the wall in Leeuwarden. Randolph and his wife Gabriëlle have been working for months at this project.

01-08-2021 - In the light of Jan Mankes
Sept 3 - Oct 24, 2021 exhibition and activities around Jan Mankes
Exhibition and cultural activities
September 3 at 4 pm - OPENING of the exhibition 'In the light of Jan Mankes'
September 11 - PLEIN AIR PAINTING by Marein Konijn, Jannes Koetsier and Marieke Wijffels - de Groot
September 18,19 - Art route Heerenveen with trial lesson making portraits by Gabriëlle Westra (book via info@autrevue.nl)
October 1,2 - plein-air results can also be seen in the gallery till Oct. 24
October 24 - LECTURE by Paul Christiaan Bos, with book signing (book via info@autrevue.nl)

18-07-2021 - Randolph Algera makes a video impression of exhibition Unlocked
Randolph Algera takes a short walk through the exhibition. About sixty works are shown. A beautiful exhibition on view until August 29, '21 in Galerie Autrevue, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen.

17-07-2021 - What makes you an artist, part 2
The Wâldknyn contains an interview with Randolph Algera.

26-06-2021 - Unlocked! exhibition July 2nd - Aug 29th '21
July 2nd 16 h. opening. Exhibition with works of Svetlana Tartakovska, Jantien de Boer (from own collection) and a lot of new work of Randolph Algera, Rein Pol, Jan van Loon, Marein Konijn, Gerrit de Boer, Heleen Kater, Gabriëlle Westra. On the poster his painting Peacock III.

31-05-2021 - Expected: festive opening new exhibition July 2nd
Galerie Autrevue expects to hold an official opening of the new exhibition on 2 July. There are many new artists and there is a lot of new work from the well-known ones. We keep you posted.
Until then you're most welcome at the Spring exhibition woth works of Jan van Loon, Marein Konijn, Rein Pol, Gabriëlle Westra, Randolph Algera, Heleen Kater, Gerrit de Vries, Andy Eccleshall en Pascal Amblard. Please call +31 653378851.

30-05-2021 - Wall and ceiling painting, a profession in itself, says Randolph Algera
Master students of the Classical Academy talk about their lessons on wall- and ceiling painting, led by teacher, artist and conservator Randolph Algera. Central to the artwork in Assen is Menno Simons, the former Frisian priest who turned away from the Catholic Church and eventually became the founder of the peace-loving Mennonites, the Mennonites. The idea comes from the new owner of the building, painter and former teacher at the Classical Academy, Jan van Loon.

29-05-2021 - History comes alive in a mansion
The 19th century is brought back to life in an old mansion in the center of Leeuwarden. Art-Decor is restoring three 150-year-old ceilings. Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra also make a large mural of 12 x 3 m. Full of references to the history of the city and the brewery.

28-05-2021 - Schilders Vakkrant writes a page full about restoration and art project.
A restoration and art project at 94 Zaailand in Leeuwarden is nearing completion. Three ceilings have been preserved, restored and a mural of 12 x 3 m. Art on the wall. A painter's mecca, this project is an ideal place for restoration and art.

18-05-2021 - Mural - a new part
In de Brouwerij gets an enormous impact with these murals.

03-05-2021 - Tv Drenthe at Jan van Loon's Museum Assen (see link)
May 4th '21 TV-Drenthe will make a film impression of the ceiling painting in the Museum Church of Jan van Loon in Assen. The painting is made by Master students of the Classical Academy Groningen under the guidance of theire teacher Randolph Algera.

02-05-2021 - Spring exhibition
Hosting en participating the Spring Exhibition at Galerie Autrevue.
At www.autrevue.nl you can see a lot of works.

18-04-2021 - Mural in Leeuwarden
Team Art Decor is working on a mural of 12 x 3 m. for In de Brouwerij.

01-04-2021 - Participation Salon Saint Louis USA 29/4-2/5 2021
Randolph Algera will attend Salon '21 Saint Louis USA with an oilpainting. Due to covid-19 live participation is unfortunately not possible.

21-03-2021 - Participation Art Month Hattem May 2021
During the whole month of May '21 Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra are participating the window exhibition of the Art Route in the Hanze town Hattem in the Netherlands. Due to the pandemic the art fair is organized in this covid-19 proof manner.

10-12-2020 - Winterexhibition Galerie Autrevue
From Dec. 11 '20 till April '21 you can see the winterexhibition. Paintings and sculptures online at www.autrevue.nl.

20-11-2020 - Galerie Autrevue in Culture & Going out - News in the media
In the local paper is a summery of all the galleries in the region. Galerie Autrevue is present.

13-11-2020 - Algera wins Prix de Norvège & Silver Star
Randolph Algera wins the Prix de Norvège (2015) and the Silver Star of the Prix de Norvège (2020). The news paper writes an article about this event.

03-11-2020 - Ceiling painting in Jan van Loon church Assen
Masterstudents of the Classical Academy designing and painting the ceiling led by teacher murals Randolph Algera.

23-10-2020 - Arnoud Design
Art-Decor is expanding with Arnoud Design. For all your 3D drawing and design. Art-Decor is proud of the new collaboration with Arnoud Algera.

21-09-2020 - exhibition Longing for...REIN POL, JAN VAN LOON a.o.
Oct. 3rd - Nov. 28th exhibition 'Longing for... with paintings of Rein Pol, Jan van Loon, Hana Vendlová, Mineke Gravers, Marein Konijn, Gabriëlle Westra, Randolph Algera and sculptures of Heleen Kater. Also live restoring of paintings.

31-08-2020 - Art route Heerenveen 19, 20 Sept. 2020
Open studio at Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra. The gallery is also open.

25-08-2020 - HELMANTEL, POL en the Prix de Norvège winnars 18 July-13 sept
The northern realists in Friesland! A double exhibition in Galerie Autrevue Heerenveen and Tjaarda Oranjewoud.

31-07-2020 - Galerie Autrevue in BNA architect book
Galerie Autrevue in the BNA architect book 2019/2020

23-07-2020 - Randolph earns a STAR
July 18th '20 Randolph Algera received the star of the Prx de Norvège from Egbert Pijfers.

01-07-2020 - Murals UMCGroningen
In the blue patio in the Universal Medical Centre Groningen masterstudents of three different years created a beautiful coherent mural. Their teacher: Randolph Algera.

18-06-2020 - HENK HELMANTEL, REIN POL & laureates Prix de Norvège.
18th July till 13th Sept. 2020 "Rembrandt, at a distance" with paintings of the Northen Realists Henk Helmantel and Rein Pol, and the laureates of the Prix de Norvège.
Galerie Autrevue, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen en
Hotel Tjaarda Oranjewoud

17-06-2020 - With heART and soul - exhibition
Till 17th July 2020: beautiful exhibition with paintings of Randolph Algera, Gabriëlle Westra, Marein Konijn(NL),Andy Eccleshall (USA) en Pascal Amblard (FA).
Sneakpreview in the link below.

26-05-2020 - Autrevue OPEN again on fri/sat/sun
After Covid-19 the gallery will open again June 5th. New exposition "With heart and soul". Private shopping is also possible. Just give us a call. Sneakpreview see link down under.

10-04-2020 - Painters in time of covid 19 - vlog
A vlog about the life of painters during the lockdown due to covid 19. Also a virtual tour through Galerie Autrevue.

24-02-2020 - Rembrandt's pupil in Steenwijk
Spend an afternoon as a pupil of Rembrandt, drawing sketches from visitors during the memorial event of the 80-years during war (1568-1648)

13-02-2020 - Mural (under construction) in UMCGroningen
The Master 1-group of the Classical Academy Groningen works under the leadership of teacher Randolph Algera at the third part of a mural in the Academic Medical Centre Groningen.

13-01-2020 - Following the tracks of Rembrandt Expo
HELMANTEL, POL and Laureates of the Prix de Norvège expose their work in the Koppelkerk at Bredevoort. With special guest Gabriëlle Westra. Opening 19 January 2020.
"Following the tracks of Rembrandt" 24/1/2020-13/4/2020 fr/sa/su 11-17 h.

01-12-2019 - Exhibition Warm Winter Galerie Autrevue untill March 1st 2020
The new exhibition Warm Winter will be opened December 1st.

18-11-2019 - Algera in Yearbook Artists 20
Randolph Algera is mentioned with two oilpaintings in the Yearbook Artists 2020.

You can be friend or sponsor of Galerie Autrevue. Made possible by artlovers, who appreciate our gallery in Heerenveen.

25-10-2019 - Galerie Autrevue in MUSEUMKRANT
Galerie Autrevue, an article in the Museumkrant, autumn 2019.

24-10-2019 - 9,10 Nov. National Art Days at Beursfabriek te Nieuwegein
Galerie Autrevue is attending the National Art days in the Beursfabriek in Nieuwegein. This is the 10th edition.

21-09-2019 - Art Route Heerenveen 2019
Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra open their studio's during the Art Route. A lot of new work. Be most welcome between 11-17 on 21,22 of september.

12-09-2019 - Body Worlds Amsterdam
Randolph painted at the artists day at Body Worlds Amsterdam

08-07-2019 - Galerie Autrevue in Eisma Magazine
Eisma Painters Magazine writes an article about the opening of Galerie Autrevue the 14th of June 2019.

20-06-2019 - My personal coat-of-arms
Designed from the original family arms from 1425.
#trots #knightsofthebrush

14th of June 2019 14.00 festive opening of Galerie Autrevue.
Zie www.autrevue.nl for the programme and blog.

02-06-2019 - Artfair Oranjewoud 1 en 2 June 2019
Art-Decor and artists Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra of AUTREVUE present their wurk at the Art Fair opposite Hotel Tjaarda.

18-04-2019 - Salon Chamonix, France - DECORATIVE PAINTERS
Annual gathering of the top of the international decorative painters, this time at Chamonix. ART-DECOR will be there.

07-04-2019 - Mural at UMCGroningen finished
Students of Master1 (Classical Academy) finished ther mural in UMCGroningen in the Blue Patio. Their teacher is Randolph Algera.

22-03-2019 - Teacher MURALS at the Classic Academy Groningen
Students of the Master-1 course of the Classic Academy Groningen follow lessons in MURALS making at a hospital in Groningen. Randolph Algera is their teacher.

19-03-2019 - MURALS teaching at Classic Academy in UMCG
Students of the Master-1 course of the Classic Academy learn to make MURALS in the UMCGroningen, a hospital.

01-01-2019 - Double nomination Annual Artistsbook 2019
Randolph Algera is nominated with 'Your true face' and with 'Dream of Freedom' (painted together with portraittist Gabriëlle Westra) in the Yearbook of Artists 2019.

06-05-2018 - Salon Leeuwarden 2018
3-6th of May 2018 Salon Leeuwarden 2018 was organized by Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra. The top of international decoration painters and restaurators from 20 different countries.

25-11-2017 - St.-Clemenskerk total project "A new tide" completed
The rebuilding of the St.-Clemenschurch is completed. Ameland has not only a new church, but also a great art project.
See for a lot more info at art/decoration > other

01-11-2016 - Guided tour Clemenskerk Ameland during November art month
During the Ameland art month, in addition to the paintings in this church of Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra, you can also get a tour of the designer, Randolph Algera, about the decorative part of the interior of this church.

28-10-2016 - The second Art-Diner
The 2nd Art-Diner at Elevé Leeuwarden, Michelin star restaurant.

01-05-2016 - Article about our painting for Salon St.-Petersburg
An article regarding to a painting for St.-Petersburg. A lot of fuss about a Frisian costume.

28-02-2016 - Art diner
Art diner 28 febr. 2016 in Leeuwarden. If you want more info please contact us: info@art-decor.nl

05-09-2015 - Over all exhibition Leeuwarden
A duo exhibition by Gabriëlle Westra and Randolph Algera in the WTC Leeuwarden with the cooperation of Michelin star restaurant ELEVE.

29-05-2015 - Lecture rotary club Hoogeveen
Algera gives a lecture about his profession as a restorer and painter.

Inspiratie ruimte Remmers Bouwchemie BV Hoogeveen
04-02-2015 - Lecture Combination Hoogeveense Compagnies
On 4th of February 2015 Randolph Algera will give a lecture in the Inspiration room of Remmers Bouwchemie BV Hoogeveen [NL]

20-01-2015 - presentation R. Algera Rotary Club Kollum [Fr] NL
Randolph Algera gives a presentation at the Rotary Club Kollum

10-01-2015 - Exposition Ceramic museum
Demonstrations and overview of works you can see during this museum day! You're welcome!

27-11-2014 -


No picture available
17-05-2014 - New Website for Art Decor and Randolph Algera
The new website has been launched for the company Art-Decor and at the same time for Randolph Algera as a professional artist.

02-07-2013 - Randolph Algera and Gabrielle Westra through summer academy in Florence
Randolph Algera and Gabrielle Westra together in the month of July 2013 [It] through the summer academy in Florence; classical painting the old masters. A wonderful learning experience, new experience and techniques.

15-06-2010 - Modern sports hall frescoes of Blauwhuis
Source: unknown

26-02-2010 - Create a mystical feeling
Paintings: Prophet Elijah is the red wire
Source: unknown

01-01-2008 - Algera offers art cards
Unique orders for Art-Decor
Source: unknown

14-06-2007 - New polychromy in church Steenwijk [NL]
Source: Eisma's schildersblad