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Welcome at ART-DECOR and Randolph Algera

Art-Decor (1994) - for conservation and restoration
Restorer Algera - nearly 30 years of experience as restorer &
Randolph Algera - Masterdegree Classical Academy of Painting

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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Randolph Algera

02-06-2023 - Magazine DELF with cover of painting by Randolph Algera
The quarterly magazine DELF has a painting by Randolph Algera as cover. Cool!

17-04-2023 - Salon San Francisco USA
April 17-20 I'm participating the annual gathering of Salon in San Francisco, USA. Douzens of artists from all over the world meet and greet each other, to inspire and be inspired.

27-03-2023 - Mural (ceiling) Museumchurch Jan van Loon Assen
Master students of the Classical Academy make u.g.o.their teacher murals Randolph Algera, the center part of the ceiling in the Museumchurch Jan van Loon in Assen.

26-03-2023 - Board member wanted
We are looking for reinforcement of the board for the Autrevue Events Foundation. Do you love Vermeer? And do you love Friesland? Do you have expertise? Then ask yourself if this voluntary board position is something for you. Please respond via the contact form on www.autrevue-evenementen.com We look forward to hearing from you.

21-03-2023 - Lecture at the Womens Chamber
I gave a lecture about my work as a restorer and as an artist for an interested audience that is a member of the Women's Chamber in Heerenveen.