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Art-Decor (1994) - for conservation and restoration
Restorer Algera - nearly 30 years of experience as restorer &
Randolph Algera - Masterdegree Classical Academy of Painting

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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Randolph Algera

31-05-2021 - Expected: festive opening new exhibition July 2nd
Galerie Autrevue expects to hold an official opening of the new exhibition on 2 July. There are many new artists and there is a lot of new work from the well-known ones. We keep you posted.
Until then you're most welcome at the Spring exhibition woth works of Jan van Loon, Marein Konijn, Rein Pol, Gabriëlle Westra, Randolph Algera, Heleen Kater, Gerrit de Vries, Andy Eccleshall en Pascal Amblard. Please call +31 653378851.

30-05-2021 - Wall and ceiling painting, a profession in itself
Master students of the Classical Academy talk about their lessons on wall- and ceiling painting, led by teacher, artist and conservator Randolph Algera. Central to the artwork in Assen is Menno Simons, the former Frisian priest who turned away from the Catholic Church and eventually became the founder of the peace-loving Mennonites, the Mennonites. The idea comes from the new owner of the building, painter and former teacher at the Classical Academy, Jan van Loon.

29-05-2021 - History comes alive in a mansion
The 19th century is brought back to life in an old mansion in the center of Leeuwarden. Art-Decor is restoring three 150-year-old ceilings. Randolph Algera and Gabriëlle Westra also make a large mural of 12 x 3 m. Full of references to the history of the city and the brewery.

28-05-2021 - Schilders Vakkrant writes a page full about restoration and art project.
A restoration and art project at 94 Zaailand in Leeuwarden is nearing completion. Three ceilings have been preserved, restored and a mural of 12 x 3 m. Art on the wall. A painter's mecca, this project is an ideal place for restoration and art.

21-05-2021 - Restoration project Leeuwarden is nearing completion
In a former governor's residence, a number of 150-year-old ceilings are being restored. The SchildersVakschool TV makes a video about them.