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About Randolph Algera

Randolph Algera (1964) obtains his master's degree at the Classical Academy of Painting in Groningen in 2015 and immediately wins the Prix de Norvège for his paintings. He also studies for some time at the Florence Academy of Art.

His style is a mix of impressionism, realism and fantasy. He plays with perspectives and the laws of classical art. He works largely from his feelings. His paintings are atmospheric, full of symbolism and mysticism. Often a spherical shape can be discovered. Humans plays a minor role in the whole.

His landscapes almost always arise from fantasy. Sketches and photos support Algera when he works from nature. (model, objects)
He usually paints with oil paint in a simplified palette, on canvas or panel, with a flat brush. By working transparently and in layers, he creates depth. Randolph has been painting for a long time, makes many paintings and murals; almost everything is sold.
He regularly exhibits at home and abroad: in Paris, New York and St.-Louis, Lecce a.o.

Algera is Master Restorer and Master Painter, a combination with possibilities!
Art Decor
His Master's degree in Painting certainly has an added value for his restoration company Art-Decor, which he founded in 1994. He has nearly 30 years of experience in conservation and restoration and has been in the business for 40 years.

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Galerie Autrevue
He founded Galerie Autrevue in 2018, together with his wife Gabriëlle Westra, who is also a Master of Painting. She focuses on portraiture and has been nominated several times for the Dutch Portrait Prize. In the gallery they exhibit their work and that of other talented artists from Holland and abroad. Realistic and surreal paintings combined with sculptures.
Decoration work
Assignments from business and private individuals, both indoors and outdoors, are almost always full of originality. In consultation with the client I deliver a photo presentation of the desired idea. This can be a wall painting, a trompe l'oeil, a wood- or marble imitation, a stencil technique, etc. Total projects can go from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, including lighting. You will find our decorative work in the catering industry, in shops, offices, beauty centers and sports complexes etc.
Algera is a teacher of murals at the Classical Academy. He regularly gives lectures.
His work can be seen at the UMCG, in the Museum Church in Assen and in hotel grand café In de Brouwerij in Leeuwarden etc.
He organizes events such as the Art-Diner, a sensational event at a top location, combining music, film, poetry, speakers and haute cuisine with an art exhibition.

For his paintings - the Prix de Norvège (2015)
Nominations - for Painting of the Year in 2019 with 2 paintings
For his commitment to young graduated artists: the silver star of the PdN (2020)