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International attention

Randolph Algera's work receives international attention through the four-day conference on Titus Brandsma. His paintings, also about Bolsward are for sale.

International interest in BolswarderTitus Brandsma In Nijmegen, the life and significance of Titus Brandsma (1881-1942) will be discussed for four days. There has never been such an international conference on the Frisian Carmelite father.

For the Friesch Dagblad of October 2, 2023, Lodewijk Born writes an article about this unique meeting at Radboud University, where Brandsma was once professor and rector. The newspaper shows photos of the three archangels in stained glass windows in the choir and of the double window (south side of the church) with Titus Brandsma opposite the 'Foolish Mothers'. "Almost lifelike.People look at that with admiration, because that image is what Titus Brandsma really was," says Father Nota. Brandsma is an advocate of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, which is reflected in my design.

After the fire in 2013, Randolph Algera was given the prestigious assignment to redesign and implement the entire interior of the church. 'A particularly honorable assignment for me as an artist'. From floor to ceiling, from wall to wall, including lighting, furniture and 32 stained glass windows, 16 sandblasted windows, everything was designed by the visual artist. During the performance he collaborates with visual artist Gabriëlle Westra. The lighting and furniture were created in collaboration with the office of architect Cor Bouwstra, who gave him complete freedom to design them. Experts are of the opinion that with this assignment Randolph Algera writes modern church history that deserves international attention!

Titus Brandsma, now also in Delft.

At the exhibition 'Fr11slân through the eyes of Vermeer' (on display daily until October 29 in the Vermeer Center Delft ), there is a painting about Bolsward, made by Randolph Algera. You will also find Titus Brandsma's stained glass window there. In this art and community project you see nominated neighborhoods and residents from eleven Frisian cities in an innovative setting à la Vermeer, painted by Randolph Algera (cityscapes) and Gabriëlle Westra (portraits). Frisian Eleven Cities Art in the Vermeer Center Delft. In 2024, the exhibition will travel to the Frisian cities, starting in Leeuwarden (the Fries Museum). Then they are often combined with lectures and/or city walks. The paintings are for sale, by the way. https://www.autrevue-events.com/portfolio

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