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The Art of Portraiture - diverse as humans may 14 - June 26

A gallery of portraits of renowned artists like Bas Nijenhuis, Gabriëlle Westra a.o.

#oilpaintings by Bas Nijenhuis, Gabriëlle Westra, Janey Robertson, Clary Mastenbroek, Mischa Tranquilli, Rein Pol, Jan van Loon and Randolph Algera.

You probably know BAS NIJENHUIS from Sterren op het doek (Maarten van Rossem) or from the British Portrait Awards (Girl without a pearl earring). In his work you see a great fascination for the painting technique itself. He experiments with color touches, brushstrokes and material. While painting he creates a new world, which is actually pure magic. At the same time, the psychologist Bas pays great attention to the content of the portrait.

GABRIËLLE WESTRA has been nominated several times for The Dutch Portrait Prize and recently received the Prix de Norvège. Her painting style is characterized by a combination of pasty direct touches and clear brushstrokes with extensive realism. She meets special people who inspire her to create portraits full of character. With "My Modern Muse" she is a top-10 finalist in the Rembrandt Lives competition. She likes to do commissions.

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