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Galerie Autrevue in Culture & Going out - News in the media

In the local paper is a summery of all the galleries in the region. Galerie Autrevue is present.

Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen. On the way to Museum Belvédère one can find Galerie Autrevue, founded by Gabriëlle Westra and Randolph Algera. A few times yearly ther is a new exhibition with work of famous artists. You can also take painting lessons and attend workshops by Gabriëlle.  Currently the exhibition 'Longing for...' with art of Rein Pol, Jan van Loon, Marein Konijn, Mineke Gravers, Heleen Kater en Hana Vendlová. Own paintings of Gabriëlle en Randolph are always to be seen and with a little luck you can observe Randolph live while restaurating a subject.

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