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Powergirls @ Galerie Autrevue

The Prix de Norvège 10 year anniversary with portraits of 10 year old powergirls. Randolph Algera is one of the exposers.

Who - portraits and stories of 10-year-old power girls selected by mayors from the Northern Netherlands, Emden and Leer
What - exhibition on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Prix de Norvège (initiated by Egbert Pijfers)
- #equal opportunities Artists - Randolph Algera, Gabrielle Westra, Janey Robertson, Saskia Dingelstad, and Niklaus Peter
Where - Gallery Autrevue, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen
When - March 8, 5 pm opening of the exhibition by Coby van der Laan, former alderman of Heerenveen and active in the Women's Room (network of ambitious women of all ages)

Exhibition open on Fri/Sat 11-17 and Sun 12-5 pm (11-20 March)
Free entrance.
Why - celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Prix de Norvège, a Dutch-Norwegian Art Prize that is awarded annually to two graduating master's students from the Classical Academy of Groningen.

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