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Randolph Algera with artcard in VIND nr. 44

The VIND No. 44 of 2021 (a magazine for history, archeology, art and antiques has art cards in the middle. One is of Randolph's latest painting.

Randolph's latest painting is called The future is old news. In Find No. 44 of 2021 (a magazine for history, archaeology, art and antiques) you will find art cards in the middle, one of them is by Randolph Algera.. The painting tells of man's attempt to bring extinct rhinoceroses back to life.This fails miserably, they have become too mechanical. A mega-sized part of a telegraph machine can be seen that should provide contact. The world is steaming, it's overheated. The rhinoceroses stand in a fog, the steam rises cloudy. In front of the buildings, built in earth tones, are pillars with bubbles. Do we all live in our own bubble or do we still keep in touch with our environment? The party continues on the roof top of the building. The people want to keep partying.
The magazine is for sale at (local) bookstores. The cards are also available in Galerie Autrevue.

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