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Nov 5 Opening - walk-in afternoon Surrealism Steampunk Absurd

The new exhibition 'Spread your wings' about Surrealism, Steampunk and Fantasy machines opens with a walk-in afternoon on 5 Nov. between 1 and 5 p.m. Do you come? We provide snacks and drinks for this awesome exhibition. (till Dec. 19th)

Nov 5 until 19 Dec. '21 - Gallery Autrevue, Woudsterweg 4, Heerenveen
Fri/Sat 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sun 12-17 h. and more options by appointment.
Admission 4 euros p.p.
www.autrevue.nl and also webshop


SURREALISM, STEAMPUNK, ABSURD #paintings #sculptures "Spread your wings" travel in time before digital art in the surprising world of paint and images with works by Randolph Algera, Rein Pol, Wouter Berns, Jan van Loon, Jannes Koetsier, Cindy Sprokel, Ferenc Erdok, Marein Konijn,Gezien van de Riet, Gabriëlle Westra, and others.

SURREALISTS let their imaginations run wild. They usually paint their 'dream images' in a hyper-realistic style. This creates the most surprising combinations.

STEAMPUNK refers to time with steam power as an energy source. The genre contains visionary elements (science fiction, futuristic inventions, computers, etc.) with a preference for metal. ABSURD - insane, irrational, too mad, very unusual, evocative.


REIN POL (1949) 'I paint the imagination of my own reality'.
For example, he makes the blue angel appear in the most diverse landscapes.

WOUTER BERNS (1970) 'The world is crazy enough, all you have to do is paint it.'

The 'story painter' subtly takes you to an unimaginable, but not impossible world.
JAN VAN LOON (1938) 'I like the ordinary, which I want to represent in a special way.'

Its format, subjects and approach reflect its wide diversity.

JANNES KOETSIER (1979) 'I find the tipping point between paint and representation endlessly fascinating'.
He paints in his studio as well as plein-air.

CINDY SPROKEL (1961) 'The most important element in my work is movement, based on subdued postures within dance.'
She depicts this in a combination of humans and animals.
FERENC ERDOK (1988) 'I enjoy video game characters.'
He likes to create a contrast between the graphic fantasy world of the game setting and the 'real' world.

MAREIN KONIJN (1982) 'My urge to paint is great'.
The images in her brain become worlds in themselves.
GEZIEN VAN DE RIET (1942) 'Beauty is my muse.'
She gives to that beauty her own face.
GERRIT DE VRIES (1946) ‘I paint a fantastic reality, strange, but possible'.
His subjects are transience  De Vries is autodidact. His work is in more than one museums to be seen.
GABRIËLLE WESTRA (1990) 'A good work touches you, it makes you happy.'
She paints and sculpts and also combines these disciplines in paintings with 3D elements.
RANDOLPH ALGERA (1964) ‘My ideas are original, sometimes visionary.
When I paint I create my own world.' His style is a mix of impressionism, realism and fantasy, full of symbolism and mysticism.

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