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In the light of Jan Mankes

Sept 3 - Oct 24, 2021 exhibition and activities around Jan Mankes
Exhibition and cultural activities
September 3 at 4 pm - OPENING of the exhibition 'In the light of Jan Mankes'
September 11 - PLEIN AIR PAINTING by Marein Konijn, Jannes Koetsier and Marieke Wijffels - de Groot
September 18,19 - Art route Heerenveen with trial lesson making portraits by Gabriëlle Westra (book via info@autrevue.nl)
October 1,2 - plein-air results can also be seen in the gallery till Oct. 24
October 24 - LECTURE by Paul Christiaan Bos, with book signing (book via info@autrevue.nl)

The exhibition "In the light of Jan Mankes" is from 3 Sept - 24 Oct. '21
Galerie Autrevue will join the cultural festival around Jan Mankes. He lived in our area in his twenties. He often walked along the Woudsterweg and also painted it.
The gallery is included in the 'royal' route, via the landscape from Mankes in the Knipe to the Oranjewoud area. (route.nl 990958)


Participating artists in the exhibition:

Randolph Algera, Marije van de Berg, Corina Blom, Paul Christiaan Bos, Heleen Kater, Frans Klerkx, Jannes, Koetsier, Marein Konijn, Yvonne Melchers, Dorien Plaat, Gerd Renshof, Gezien van de Riet, Yolande de Vlught, Gabriëlle Westra, Mariek Wijffels - de Groot.

And also works inspired by Jan Mankes made by our regular artists u.o. Rein Pol, Jan van Loon. At the Woudsterweg they feel historical connected with Mankes.


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