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Ceiling painting church Assen almost finished

The ceiling painting in the Museum church of Jan van Loon is nearing completion.

Randolph Algera and others are completing the central part of the ceiling painting in the Jan van Loon Museum Church in Assen. It is his special design, an optical illusion. It is designed in such a way that it appears as if the windows in the walls continue into the ceiling, giving the impression that an additional floor has been added. In the central part you see the work of the master students, who have delved into the history of the church in order to arrive at a meaningful design. Two parts have already been completed.

See https://www.rtvdrenthe.nl/nieuws/16326369/plafondschildering-over-doopsgezinden-verrijking-voor-monumentaal-kerkje-in-assen

The photos show Ferenc Erdok, Maarten Dalstra, Arnoud Algera, Gabriëlle Westra and Randolph Algera at work. And Rein Pol is also participating.


This morning there was a radio broadcast about the ceiling painting in Assen. It can be listened to between 46:50 and 50:40 on https://www.rtvdrenthe.nl/radio/programma/goedemorgen-drenthe/231 and can be seen on TV on RTVDrenthe:



Margriet Benak from RTV Drenthe interviewed Randolph Algera, among others. As a mural painting teacher at the Classical Academy Groningen, he worked on this project for 30 hours a year for three years with various groups of Master students. A real collaborative project in Jan van Loon's museum church. The project shows his wish: the history of the Mennonite Church and its famous followers, including Anthony Winkler Prins (encyclopedist) and Joost van den Vondel (poet), Leeghwater (draining polders), Seth Gaaikema (cabaret artist), Annemarie Jorritsma (politician). ). The project will be completed in a week or two.




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