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Wall and ceiling painting, a profession in itself, says Randolph Algera

Master students of the Classical Academy talk about their lessons on wall- and ceiling painting, led by teacher, artist and conservator Randolph Algera. Central to the artwork in Assen is Menno Simons, the former Frisian priest who turned away from the Catholic Church and eventually became the founder of the peace-loving Mennonites, the Mennonites. The idea comes from the new owner of the building, painter and former teacher at the Classical Academy, Jan van Loon.



"In a few lessons of the Wall painting course, perspective is explained very practically by Jille van der Veen", says Randolph. "The students mainly learn from me how making works in practice. You get an assignment, but how do you deal with it? You get a framework, but how do you carry out an original idea within that framework? You have made a sketch , but how does that become a mural? How do you work well with other artists, how do you give each other something? How do you keep the brushstrokes when painting large areas? How do you discover whether your design works well on a wall or ceiling ?"
Wil: "The difficult perspective, in combination with the fact that the painting had to be glued to the ceiling in mirror image, requires a different attitude of looking at the beginning."
Annette: "The difficult thing was indeed the rethinking. We painted on canvas on the floor, but the Of course, it had to be right when it hangs from the ceiling.You were often misled by this and then we had to trust that we had calculated it correctly in our design.I think we came out with that.
"Fleur is happy that she participated: "Because I really like to work large, a project like this seemed very interesting. I enjoyed working on it and for our first ceiling painting I am certainly very satisfied. Thanks to these lessons I have learned a lot gained experience painting large work, on commission and with a team. "
Paulien: I'm proud that it's hanging now. Menno Simons himself also looks at us with satisfaction. "
Kayla: "All in all it was a very fun and educational project, with good supervision and teamwork. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!"


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