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In the footsteps of vermeer - Delft till Nov. 12

Randolph Algera is exhibiting together with Henk Helmantel, Rein Pol & de laureates of the Prix de Norvège in the 'Oude Kerk' - Delft en the Vermeer Centre - Delft.
A double- exhibition.

Prolongated till Nov. 12th. From Sept. 3 till Oct. 29 2022 paintings of Randolph Algera will be exhibited together with those of Henk Helmantel, Rein Pol and the laureates of the Prix de Norvège. They are exposing in the Vermeer Centre (the smaller works) and in the Oude Kerk in Delft (the larger works). The exhibition is an ode to Vermeer. The paintings are all inspired by Vermeers work.

As winner of the Prix de Norvège I'm glad to be participating.

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