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  08-01-2017 - About Randolph Algera (24-07-1964)
It is not easy to discribe Randolphs art. Of course you see influences from the late 19th and early 20th century. This is a result of his work as an art restorer of historical interiors from these periods. But he always searches for more modern forms to expres himself. It is a combination of impressionism and realism. Sometimes he 'plays' with perspective and the laws of classical art. His works tend to an intuïtive mystical atmosphere full of symbolism. In his painting style the human is just a small part of a bigger picture.

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  28-10-2016 -

  28-10-2016 -

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  01-05-2016 -

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  28-02-2016 - Art diner
Art diner 28 febr. 2016 in Leeuwarden. If you want more info please contact us: info@art-decor.nl

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  05-09-2015 -

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  17-04-2015 -

Inspiratie ruimte Remmers Bouwchemie BV Hoogeveen
  04-02-2015 - Lecture Combination Hoogeveense Compagnies
On 4th of February 2015 Randolph Algera will give a lecture in the Inspiration room of Remmers Bouwchemie BV Hoogeveen [NL]

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  20-01-2015 - presentation R. Algera Rotary Club Kollum [Fr] NL

  10-01-2015 - Exposition Ceramic museum
Demonstrations and overview of works you can see during this museum day! You're welcome!

  27-11-2014 -

  01-10-2014 - Event day of Inspiration 27 november 2014

  02-07-2013 - Randolph Algera and Gabrielle Westra through summer academy in Florence
Randolph Algera and Gabrielle Westra [MDW Art-Decor] together in the month of July 2013 [It] through the summer academy in Florence; classical painting the old masters. a wonderful learning experience, new experience and techniques.

  15-06-2010 - Modern sports hall frescoes of Blauwhuis
Source: unknown

  26-02-2010 - Create a mystical feeling
Paintings: Prophet Elijah is the red wire
Source: unknown

  01-01-2008 - Algera offers art cards
Unique orders for Art Decor
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  14-06-2007 - New polychromy in church Steenwijk [NL]
Source: Eisma's schildersblad

  17-01-2004 - Dutch Michelangelo creates mural Wapse
Source: Dagblad van het Noorden

  22-10-2003 - Algera restores ceiling in Los Angeles
Source: Stellingwerf

  02-02-2002 - Fantasy is my strength
Source: Friesland Post