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The company has a unique combination of the profession of restorator and artist!
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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Randolph Algera

10-12-2020 - Winterexhibition Galerie Autrevue
From Dec. 11 '20 till Jan. 31 '21 you can attend the winterexhibition. Paintings and sculptures.

20-11-2020 - Culture & Going out in the region - News in the media
In the local paper is a summery of all the galleries in the region. Galerie Autrevue is present.

13-11-2020 - Algera wins Prix de Norvège & Silver Star
Randolph Algera wins the Prix de Norvège (2015) and the Silver Star of the Prix de Norvège (2020)

03-11-2020 - Ceiling painting in Jan van Loon church Assen
Masterstudents of the Classical Academy designing and painting the ceiling led by teacher murals Randolph Algera.

21-09-2020 - exhibition Longing for...REIN POL, JAN VAN LOON a.o.
Oct. 3rd - Nov. 28th exhibition 'Longing for... with paintings of Rein Pol, Jan van Loon, Hana Vendlová, Mineke Gravers, Marein Konijn, Gabriëlle Westra, Randolph Algera and sculptures of Heleen Kater. Also live restoring of paintings.