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Heerenveen Netherlands - News Randolph Algera

18-04-2019 - Salon Chamonix, France - DECORATIVE PAINTERS
Annual gathering of the top of the international decorative painters, this time at Chamonix. ART-DECOR will be there.

07-04-2019 - Mural at UMCGroningen finished
Students of Master1 (Classical Academy) finished ther mural in UMCGroningen in the Blue Patio. Their teacher is Randolph Algera.

22-03-2019 - Project Waterland, polychromy teaching at the Cibap
Randolph Algera gives lessons in polychromy to the excellent restauration course of the Cibap, an art training school at Zwolle.

22-03-2019 - teacher MURALS at the Classic Academy Groningen
Students of the Master-1 course of the Classic Academy Groningen follow lessons in MURALS making at a hospital in Groningen. Randolph Algera is their teacher.

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20-03-2019 - guest teacher restauration technical skills for managers
Algera is guest teacher restauration technical skills for managers at the mbo-plus school in Drachten.